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Hi, I’m Jon…

Wanted to give a bit of a brief intro as to who I am and why this started.

I have been working in professional sales for over 12 years, working with large organisations and selling to directors of enterprise and corporate institutions. During a big ‘sales slump’ my mood and positivity started to decrease to the point I was failing and unsure if I would be in a job. I was hopeless and had no direction. By accident during a walk I asked myself a question which would change my life ‘what are you going to do about it’?

Since then, I have been on a personal journey to correct every aspect of my life. Now I am a more positive, confident, healthy person with a clear direction and on a mission to help others reach their true potential.

Upon reflection of my journey, I realised that there are many professionals who might currently be feeling the same as what I did many years ago. Back then, I didn’t know who to talk to or how to open up with my feelings. I strongly believe that people might be fearful of opening up in case they are judged or their feelings are shared amongst others. Therefore, we hold our feelings inside and deal with this on a personal level. To me, this needs to be addressed and we need to open up as this will help us deal with our emotions.

Silently suffering is something I want to correct. Lets break the stigma and talk about mental health openly.

I hope that through sharing my podcasts it can help you or others you know.

Also, it is called the Hack Share as I think we should be sharing our own wellness hacks with others and help each other.

Hope you like the podcasts and stay tuned. Areas which we will be covering are mental health, manifestation, mindsets and mindfulness.

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