Investing In Your Well-Being with Calum McGuigan

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This is a *sponsored episode* with Shape & Foster and I speak with the founder Calum McGuigan

Listen as Calum explains his journey to success from leaving Scotland and starting his events company in Canada with $4000 capital and becoming a multimillion per year business. 

Calum explains how he stays motivated and focused and shares his best tips. 

We also discuss his new venture Shape & Foster which is a lifestyle development app, aimed at assisting growth proactively. Members will be taken on a 12-month journey, with personal development programming from six experts. 

Calum explains how his own personal struggles and downward spirals helped him launch Shape & Foster. This platform is designed to help you get the help you need and become successful in all areas of your life.

Membership to Shape & Foster is now only $99 annually or $14.99 monthly, with a 7-day Free Trial. You can sign up here –

I hope you enjoy this episode and inspires you

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