Mental Health Awareness Week *Special* – How Nature Benefits Our Mental Health

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In this weeks episode I explain my story and how nature helped me with my mental health challenges, and why it is so important to embrace what we have around us. 

Years ago I was stuck with a fixed mindset and on the cusp of losing my job.

Just where I thought I was down and out, nature helped me gain perspective and find the answers I was seeking. 

This was the start of my self help journey.

By changing my mindset, this changed my reality.

Now I want to help as many people as possible.

Which is why I have placed an offer for my one hour coaching sessions. I know we have all had a tough year but this has provided many of us perspective of our bigger picture – where I am seeing so many people pursue their true passion. 

As I have a coaching business – I will provide my one hour coaching sessions at 50% off – usually (£80 per hour). If this sounds interesting and you would like to elevate your mindset and push towards your goals – drop me an email at 

Here I will set up a free 30 minute introduction so I can learn about you, and you can learn about my coaching style.

Or…if you want to book time in where you can get things off your chest, I am more than happy to listen

…Anyway, I hope you like the episode and let me know what you think

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