Supporting Young People’s Mental Health with Dr Dominique Thompson

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In this episode I speak with Dr Dominique Thompson who is an Award Winning GP, Student health and wellbeing expert, TEDx speaker, Author, and Director at Buzz Consulting.

Dominique was named Bristol’s Healthcare Professional of the Year 2017. In 2019 she was nominated as one of the Top 100 West Women of the Year. 

Listen as Dominique explains through her 78,000 consultations the common areas which affect young people’s mental health and what we can do to support.

We discuss her books – The Student Wellbeing Series which is a short series of guides for young people aged 16-25 about mental health, wellbeing and life at university.

Dominique also explains how her book – How to Grow a Grown Up can help parents, carers, teachers and anyone working with young people raise independent and resilient young adults ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

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