How I work on my goals when I have no time

In this episode I’m going to look at how I work on my goals when I have no time

Time is an issue for many of us. We all want to pursue our goals but is sometimes difficult especially if we are working or we have other commitments. Many of us feel that we do not have the time.

Therefore, over the last 6 months I have been creating a simple TIME based method which can help us stay on track but also balance goals with the limited time we have. 

This is an acronym based method so it will be easy to digest and have tried to simplify as much as possible.

If this is something of interest, I hope you find this episode useful –  more importantly helps you.

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The Truth About Starting A Business – What I've Learned

Many of us want to start a business. In this episode, I will share truths about what I have learned and the things that I wish I had known before starting.


I share my 4 top findings to help you when you are looking at starting a business so that you can get going quickly.


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Is Self Help Bad For You?

Self help is everywhere! We have thousands of books, ‘gurus’, YouTube channels – all showing us how we can be the best versions of ourselves.

But is self help bad for you?

Here I will be taking a look into self help

  • Why it’s bad,
  • Why it can be good
  • What options do we have to develop ourselves

I will also be looking at ways to avoid these ‘*fake guru’s’ and provide 3 tips at the end of the episode so stay tuned for that.

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Disclaimer *fake gurus* I believe there are great coaches out there (especially the ones who I have worked with) but there are so many scam artists. I want to provide you with all my coaching tips without paying me $2000 to be on my ‘life changing course’ – all the tips in my podcast have genuinely helped me and hope you find them useful also

What Is Negative Self Talk And How Can We Change It?

We all experience that inner voice which tells us that we aren’t good enough, we aren’t able to achieve our goals, and we are stupid.

I have experienced this first hand and was determined to make a difference.

My clients that I coach often come to me seeking solutions because they feel they aren’t good enough etc.

We all experience this!

So, I wanted to make an episode which looks at easy to apply – 5 way to combat negative self talk – which I use on my clients to break the belief cycle of negative self talk.

This stuff works and if you feel like you’re in a similar position, hope you like the episode. However, I do have a coaching consultancy –

Contact me for life and business coaching, and will gladly help.

These techniques are certified coaching strategies as well as adopting my own method – ‘The Power Of However’. If this is an area which is affecting you, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

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How you enjoy, but also hope that it helps

Understanding Negative Bias – What Can We Do To Help?

In this episode, I look at understanding negative bias – what is it? why do we get this? How can we overcome it?

Do you ever find yourself pondering over a negative event, maybe a comment, a slight criticism, and you cannot stop thinking about it?

If you are interested in finding out how you can stop worrying about these minor events and get back to your positive state – this episode is for you.

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1 Year Podcast Special – Key Learnings and Advice To Keep You Focused On Your Goals

I just received a notification on my phone that the podcast is 1 years old!

Still can’t believe this, but I am so happy and thanks for everyone who has tuned in.

In this episode I talk about my key learnings since starting my businesses and things which I wish I knew before. I wanted to share this to help you if you need support or guidance or feeling a bit stuck.

If you are starting your new venture or business and you need to know key insights of what you might feel, here I will share my key takeaways over the past year to help with:

  • Negative thoughts,
  • The fear of moving forwards,
  • Limiting beliefs
  • What we should do if we think we should quit

*But also what we should do to keep pursuing our goals!*


Hope you like the episode

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The Dictation Of Mindsets: How Can We Push Our Inner Desires Forwards?

We have two mindsets, what we have to accomplish (like work tasks and mundane stuff that we can’t care less for) and Intrinsic, the things that we are so passionate about – the things that we are so motivated and desperate to achieve as we know this is what we really really want.

How can we balance the two and keep our intrinsic motivated?

This is what I will explore in this weeks very raw, unscripted podcast. Beware, there is a lot of waffling here but there are essential tips towards the end so stay tuned. 

This stuff has helped me elevate my mindset when I was stuck in this gloomy way, thinking I will never push forwards. If you like the sound of this, I appreciate listening.

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Mental Health Awareness Week *Special* – How Nature Benefits Our Mental Health

In this weeks episode I explain my story and how nature helped me with my mental health challenges, and why it is so important to embrace what we have around us. 

Years ago I was stuck with a fixed mindset and on the cusp of losing my job.

Just where I thought I was down and out, nature helped me gain perspective and find the answers I was seeking. 

This was the start of my self help journey.

By changing my mindset, this changed my reality.

Now I want to help as many people as possible.

Which is why I have placed an offer for my one hour coaching sessions. I know we have all had a tough year but this has provided many of us perspective of our bigger picture – where I am seeing so many people pursue their true passion. 

As I have a coaching business – I will provide my one hour coaching sessions at 50% off – usually (£80 per hour). If this sounds interesting and you would like to elevate your mindset and push towards your goals – drop me an email at 

Here I will set up a free 30 minute introduction so I can learn about you, and you can learn about my coaching style.

Or…if you want to book time in where you can get things off your chest, I am more than happy to listen

…Anyway, I hope you like the episode and let me know what you think


The Mindset Of An Athlete | Tim Abeyie

In this episode I speak with Tim Abeyie who is a former Team GB and Ghana indoor sprinter. He is a medal winning athlete who competed at the Commonwealth games, World Championships indoors and out, the African championships and the European Championships.

Tim explains how he got into athletics and being called up to represent GB.

He explains how he prepares himself for the main event and his routine for getting into the right mindset.

If you are looking at self improvement and want to know how get into a growth mindset for success, check this episode out.

Since retiring from the sport he has become a fully qualified Personal Trainer and has his own coaching business – Speed for Sport.

The Speed for Sport Academy is aimed at giving young people the opportunity to maximize their potential in sport and is a way of giving something back.

If you want to know more, check it out here

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How To Stop Procrastinating: Easy To Apply Techniques

In this episode I explore procrastination. Everyone procrastinates, even the most inspirational people – Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dalai Lama…to name a few.


But what is procrastination, why does this happen, and how can this be helped?

Maybe you find yourself doing anything other than the task ahead and feel immense pressure when the deadline hits? Does this sound familiar?

If you find yourself seeking answers and want some quick, easy to apply techniques to help with your procrastination – stay tuned to the end of the episode.


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