Use this method to define your end goal and live without regrets

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This is a different type of self development episode looking at our end goals and not living with regret in the future.

I’ve been reflecting a lot, and some things have changed recently in my life and I just want to make an episode to help with a way of shifting your mindset if you have goals but feel that something isn’t right or you haven’t set your end goal.


End goal means that this is the destined outcome, the final thing that you want to achieve. Not like a stepping stone leading to something else, for example I need to be confident so therefore I need to do this, then that and eventually I’ll become more confident.


End goal for me is the example of, that is my dream house and this is where I want to live. That’s the end goal as you want that house and that’s what you would love to have over anything.


This isn’t an episode looking at the differences between end goal and means goal or materialistic objects or accomplishments that money can bring. This is looking at you, setting goals which are meaningful and without regret. So I’m going to look at the end goal in a different perspective.


I have also rebranded my coaching business to ‘mind system’ looking at ways to change our mindsets by a system I have developed which is interactive, fun, and designed to bring results:


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